5 of our Wild Waldrons

5 of our Wild Waldrons
Brock (8), Mikylah (7), Bentley (6), Briscoe (3) and Mileiah (2)

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hey friends... Our blog is moving. All the same stuff just a godifferent domain. And much more attractive if I do say so myself. 😀 come check it out and follow us. New post on the new domain. "BIG news" is the title. Domain is wildwiththewaldrons.com

Hey everyone. I am happy to announce we have put a school bus on layaway. We are going to be paying it off slowly to eventually convert it into an RV. If you feel led to donate to help this process please feel free to visit our gofundme page. Thank you

Madison waldron

Thursday, September 29, 2016


I remember often as a child sitting around the dinner table with my family (mom, dad and all my sisters) just talking about our hopes and dreams for the future. These are some of my most fond memories growing up because we had mom and dads undivided attention (I was the attention seeking needy child of their brood of 5 girls)...also... it just gave me those warm fuzzy feelings.

My parents would talk to us about our future and what we could become.... where we could travel.... and so I do believe I inherited the day dreaming habit from them. As a parent I have so many dreams for my children. They are so precious to me and I want them to achieve their greatest dreams. We often discuss where we want to be in 2, 5, 10 years as a family and I love including them in the conversation. Setting goals to achieve is something I want to instill in my children. Turning those "dreams" into reality. Now yes they cant own a flying unicorn that poops jelly bellies.... obviously there are some boundaries.

It also sparks their imagination. Kids these days don't use their imagination enough. I love to see the wheels a spinning in their little minds. This teaches them to think outside the box... after all we weren't meant to just work...pay bills.... and die right?

So I have set out on this new little journey of Blogging/Vlogging to achieve one of my many dreams.... It may not ever truly "take off" but that's ok because I am doing it for the pure enjoyment of writing and recording my precious kids lives. Someday Ill be able to look back on these blogs and vlogs and go down memory lane.

 Having dreams isn't always driven by the longing for riches or fame.... traveling, road-schooling, learning to garden triumphantly, wanting to drive route 66, learning to drive a tractor, own a farm, have a dairy cow and make my own cheese, learning to play an instrument....are some of my many dreams none of which will make me rich or famous :). And I will continue to push towards those dreams and God willing be able to achieve them. Don't be afraid to dream a little..... don't lose your dreams to protect your day... What are your child's hopes and dreams? It always makes for an interesting dinner discussion in our house. :)

Monday, September 19, 2016

Something wasnt right

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All I could do was stare down at the floor covered in blood. In complete shock. I couldn't muster up enough strength to speak.... to scream... I was so weak......  What was happening? This moment that was supposed to be beautiful, natural, tender and quiet.... Had turned into our worst nightmare.....

Back track. I was 37 weeks and 4 days pregnant when I head into my appointment to check on baby. Once there, we found out my midwife felt it best to stir my cervix and get things moving along. I was already dilated to a stretchy 4cm. (predicted birth weight if I went full term was 11+ pounds) So she felt it was in the best interest of me and my little guy to get things moving.

Contractions began that evening. I arrived at the hospital around midnight with contractions about 7 minutes apart. I labored mostly on the birthing ball. 26 hours later at 9:15pm out popped little Baylor Troy Waldron 19.5 inches 7.7 lbs. (That's it?) and a beautiful head of blond hair. Delivery went great. I began pushing at 9 cm and he was out after only 2 pushes.

Overcome with joy as any parent is after the birth of their child we sat there in awe of this beautiful little boy God had blessed us with. About 30 minutes past and my mom and dad said their goodbyes for the evening. Hugh and I ordered dinner and sat in the labor and delivery room joking about how long the labor had been and how small Baylor ended up being.... What do doctors know anyway?

I cuddled Baylor close to me as I nursed him. I began laughing at what my husband had said and when I laughed I felt an odd warm sensation kind of splash my feet tucked under the covers... I ignore it and carry on with our conversation until I let out another little chuckle and this time my legs and feet felt a big splash. Me being a mom of six.... having delivered so many babies thought... oh goodness I tinkled on myself. I mention it to the nurse... she brushes it off as nothing but decided to take a look.... she lifts up the covers just enough to take a peek at what I was feeling and when she saw what was under the covers her face got serious quick... she called a code blue.....I wasn't sure what that meant. Hugh's face went quickly from a prideful smile to pale white. The nurse whisked the baby off to dad, pushed him over to the corner of the room and 15 nurses and doctors rushed into out room. They began laying the bed flat and pressing hard on my stomach..... I began to black out.... every now and then coming too just enough to catch a glimpse of my husband huddled at the foot of the bed with our precious son... the look of pure disbelief all over his sweet face.

Once the main Doctor came to my bedside......All I could do was stare down at the floor covered in blood..... whos blood was that? MINE? Dear Lord.... that's a lot of blood! In complete shock... I was awake but couldn't hear anything.... "why cant I hear you?" I mumbled.... I couldn't muster up enough strength to speak.... to scream... I was so weak......  What was happening? This moment that was supposed to be so beautiful, natural, tender and quiet.... Had turned into our worst nightmare.....The nurses were holding my hands as the two doctors pressed as hard as they could on my stomach to try and get my uterus to contract..... but it wasn't working... with every press more and more blood.  I began sobbing. And finally my hearing came back. I began mumbling  "Do what you have to do.... please don't let me die. My kids...... my kids.... Baylor..... he is so beautiful..... Hugh... I love you...I'm scared..... take care of the kids babe... please don't let me die. They need me. God be with me... my family needs me." At this point one of the younger doctors begins to brief me on possible scenarios. I had an all natural birth so there was no epidural.... The Doctor was warning me.... this is going to hurt. They had to act quickly as I had lost 2.5 liters of blood at this point (that's what the nurse had said) "We don't have time to give you pain medication of any kind so hold your breathe." She performed what I describe as a "manual D&C" to rid my uterus of particles that were lingering. She performed 6 sweeps of my uterus... I blacked out.

My husband tended to Baylor most of the night.... When I came too, I was the weakest I have ever felt. I was so weak it was difficult to breathe and lift my head up. I couldn't look around because anytime I moved my eyes around the whole room would spin. The next few hours were rough. They kept me hooked up to a heart monitor because my heart rate was at a steady 170..... my temp was feverish and I couldn't control my limbs. twitching, shaking and flinching uncontrollably.

I didn't get to count his toes.... his fingers..... admire those sweet little lips.... those first few precious hours were taken from me. But oh! What a blessing to be here now to watch him grow. God was with me through that night along with my amazing husband. The hospital stay was a roller coaster. I wasn't able to be left alone with Baylor because of safety regulations... I had to be monitored constantly so I wasn't able to stay on the maternity/ post partum floor. so Hugh and my mom took shifts staying with me. I had my labor and delivery all planned out in my head and God had a different plan. God is good. Three months out I am feeling much better. I still get dizzy every now and then but am feeling much better.
Baylor Troy Waldron Born July 1, 2016  19.5 inches long and 7.7 pounds

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Clinging to our faith through life's mountains and valleys

Weary momma. 4am coffee chugger, runny nose wiper, laundry folder, homework inspector, dish cleaner, shoe tying, errand running, baby wearin, breastfeeding meal preparer. Oh yes. You poor tired soul, you! By day, a "supermom" by night, a tired but determined "mombie" just waiting for that glorious moment of silence as the kids drift off to sleep..... desperate to have some quiet time to recoup from the days happenings.

Life as a wife and a mom, is nothing like you see in the movies or read in books. No amount of reading the marriage or parenting books can prepare oneself for the actual task of being a wife and mother. It isn't something that can be explained or predicted. This way of life.... this "happily ever after", this little "fairytale life" we dream up as little girls just isn't reality. Life as a wife and mother is unpredictable and sometimes more like a battle field than a fairytale, but it is a battle worth fighting.....if only there were a manual for being a successful wife and mother....

God has called you momma! He has called you, to be your husbands wife.... your children's mother. There is no one on this earth that can mother and raise your children better than you. There is no one more worthy of your husbands love. God hand picked YOU! Dig into his word. 2 Timothy 3:16-17 Let your passion for Gods word trickle down to your children.

Clinging to our faith through all of life's ups and downs is crucial. God is so good James 1:2 tells us to consider it all joys.... just have peace knowing God is in control. He is constantly at work. Every mountain, when your house is clean, your actually on time to the co-op and your children are behaving is Gods blessing.... every valley when you have woke up late, the car wont start, you cant find your sons shoe and its time to go is his way of building your character traits of endurance and patience. 

It is so easy for us to become discouraged and overwhelmed as moms. Running a household is not for the faint of heart. There are so many worldly distractions for us moms... such as the idea that ones home should always look like the front page of the southern homes magazine, or making sure the kids only watch 30 minutes of television a day, exclusively breastfeeding, cloth diapering or making sure all the food in the house in all natural, grass fed, low carb, gluten free, none GMO, free range... blah blah blah. We need to put our blinders on to this worldly idea of perfection because we will always fall short. We should be in constant prayer and thanksgiving with God. Praising him on the mountain tops of life AND in the valleys! Spending time in Gods word daily can improve our days as busy moms. 

Strive to do and be YOUR best. Perfection is not something that can be achieved by us. That's Gods business. Cling to your faith and Know God is in control. 

Lastly, take your time and look at those sweet children, momma. Study their little hands and feet.... admire how much your little girl or little boy looks like you or your husband. Read them that extra story at bedtime and give them a couple extra tight hugs before you tuck them in... because they wont stay little forever. Don't so quickly forget why we do all that we do in our daily lives..... God has entrusted you with your children's precious souls. Show them Gods love daily. Raise them up in the way they should go.

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